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Age 36; born July 3rd, 1986  

Born in Brooklyn, NY

 Raised in Milwaukee, WI 

Father of Three

Khalil Coleman, a local activist, had been leading the movement since its inception. Whether he was on the front lines dodging tear gas or attending Fire and Police Commission meetings, he had been advocating for change.

A decade earlier, he wrote about the same issues and experiences from a local youth’s perspective. 


This is a short story that describes the life of two young men living in the inner cities harsh, but real environments and situations. Their life challenges reflect an internal hardship, inflicted by their society's condition to change for the better. Their dream was to see something much greater in their neighborhoods rather than poverty, violence, hatred, and lifelong hopelessness.Most youth never get a chance to tell their stories, or either no one listens until it's too late. This story paints a picture of two adolescents and their peers struggling with life's adversities. It takes you into the hearts, minds, and souls of young boys trying to find their meaning in life and to what extremes they will take to attain it.

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As the fight continues, let us reflect on the progress....