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"In the life of B and K"

This is a short story that describes the life of two young men living in the inner cities harsh, but real environments and situations. 

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Keylands's Story

Keylanda’s journey tells the tale, experience the pain, makes the breakthroughs and connects the struggle with the spirit of the fight.

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Milwaukee Schools Forced to Justify $471K Black Lives Matter Initiative to Angry Critics: ‘All I’ve Seen is Hatred’

“I hope you take the resolution more to heart,” Khalil Coleman said, per Fox6. “It’s just a drop in the bucket to the deficit young people are dealing with every day.”

Sit-In in Tosa Village Marks Day 128 of Peaceful BLM Protests

Khalil Coleman, leader of the People’s Revolution, spoke to the group in Hart Park before heading to the sit-in. He reminded them that police officers should be held accountable for murder, and that this has not been the case in Wauwatosa in regards to Officer Joseph Mensah. 

City’s Anti-Violence Effort Stalls

“As we’re waiting, and playing politics, people’s lives are really at stake,” he said. “We’re playing the waiting game but violence waits for no one.” Safe Zones co-founder Khalil Coleman

Changing Lives Through Literature

Khalil Coleman Looks to Bring “Time & Place: The Life of B and K” from Bookshelves to the Big Screen

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